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Denver Board and Train - Denver Dog Bootcamp


Do you feel like your dog is so stuck in it’s ways you just wish you could press the reset button and start over? With our Board and Train Programs – which includes dog daycare at Zen Doggy Den – You can do just that.


Are some of your problems with your dog:

– Pulling on the leash?

– Is anti-social to people or dogs?

– Bark excessively?

– Have leash reactivity?

– Have separation anxiety?

– Is rude or obnoxious to visitors at your home?


The Solution:

Imagine being able to take your dog lots of places and have them behave?

Imagine being able to relax on walks and when you encounter other dogs?

Imagine being able to have guests over easily?

Imagine being able to leave your home whenever you need to and not worry your dog will panic?


Read on for our programs and which might be best suited for you!

Unlimited Follow Ups with All Board and Trains

Implementing new commands and behavior takes a lot of repetition and building the ability to ignore distractions. Our Certified Dog Trainers/Behavior Consultants do the hard part for you! Your dog will learn commands, proper behavior, how to work under distractions and much more in our board and train programs. Yes we do behavioral training, not just obedience!



We can help you choose the program that best suits your needs. Board and train works great for busy lifestyles, resetting your relationship, or even if you’re going on vacation and want to get your dog trained while you are gone! Dogs stay at our home-styled environment facility in Wheat Ridge during this program with 24/7 security system. Participating in our Daycare program throughout the day when not training, they get immersed into learning social skills for a full behavioral package.

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Our Board and Train Options:

All programs includes a training session in your home at completion to ensure the owner knows how to follow through with training in your environment. Unlimited private follow ups at our location or your home (depending on distance) for total piece of mind! All commands will be taught on a leash for this 2-week program and will need to be reinforced using the leash or a short leash as instructed.

2 weeks - On Leash Basic Obedience

*This is not for serious behavioral issues, keep scrolling for our more intense boot camp*


Covers the following taught on leash:

  • Heel
  • Sit
  • Automatic Sit
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Come
  • Place command
  • self-control
  • reduce jumping
  • reduce nipping
  • and other similar behaviors.

Your dog will have much better self-control and listening skills under distractions. Dogs in this program also participate in our daycare during the day while not training, where we will monitor/improve their social skills and behavior around other dogs.

Program cost: $2,650 includes training collar (not a remote), a multifunctional training leash and UNLIMITED follow ups for what the program covered.

3 weeks - On Leash Intermediate

Depending on the situation, 3 weeks may be required to allow for extra time to address it. This can be useful for dogs that are more difficult overall, a problem that has been going on for many years, or something specific such as leash reactivity (without dog aggression). This program is suitable for owners wanting to get their dog beyond the basic obedience level but still using a leash for reinforcement without the desire to use a remote collar.


Includes everything from the Basic Obedience program, more distractions and duration, plus specialty focus area of choice.


We will help you decide which program is most suitable. Of course the longer the dog stays, the more time for extra proofing, socialization and additional public environments.


Program cost: $3,900. Includes training collar (not a remote), a multifunctional training leash and UNLIMITED follow ups pertaining to what the program covered.


4 week - Advanced Off Leash Obedience AKA Doggy BootCamp

For off leash training or more serious behavior problems. Covers everything in our basic obedience program, done on leash first then off leash with a remote collar. If you want off leash reliability and peace of mind to go hiking, camping etc. then this is the program for you. Also great for dogs that need a major transformation, have separation anxiety, intense fear, leash reactivity, dog aggression and more.** While 4 weeks is usually enough for all of these scenarios, in some situations if your dog needs more time – as we do go at your dogs pace, then we will recommend an additional one to two weeks added on for $1000 more. This isn’t common but is most used for dogs requiring extra time to integrate them into group play with other dogs.

Program Cost: $4,900. Includes a training collar for on leash, an ecollar technologies remote collar ($200 value), and a multifunctional training leash. Includes UNLIMITED Follow Ups.

*Disclaimer* You must be shown how to apply what has been taught in order for the good behaviors to continue after the dog is returned to you. It is essential that you apply the new techniques in order for the dog to understand that you are going to remain consistent. It is not uncommon for a dog to test each new handler to see if they will follow the same rules. We will spend as much time as it takes to make sure you understand how to follow through with their newly learned commands and behaviors.

Note: Unlimited Follow ups are via private lessons with the owner present. We realize you can’t turn into a dog trainer overnight so we will continue to work with you privately whenever you need assistance keeping up with your dogs training.

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