Private Lessons

Would you like to be involved with your dog’s training every step of the way? Let us guide you and teach you to be your dogs trainer and leader. Training can be in your home, at our facility, at a local park, a brewery – you name it. Servicing all of Denver Metro.


From basic obedience to advanced off leash obedience, behavior modification, separation anxiety, leash reactivity/aggression (one of our specialties!), dog aggression and more!

Each session is tailored to your specific dog and situation. 

Private Lessons at Our Facility $300 for 2 sessions (1 hour each)

In Your Home Training:
2 lessons for $450 or 4 for $850

Anywhere Training:
Unlimited Private Lessons - $2000

Only have a few commands you want to cover? Maybe your dog is great but pulls on the leash and lacks self control. Does your dog get really excited when guests come over and you’d love for them to have better manners? These are just a couple examples of how our 2 or 4 session package might be the right choice for you. Additional dogs are 1/2 price when trained in the same lesson. Includes training collar best suited for your dogs temperament (not a remote collar). Each lesson is 1-1.5 hours on average.

You read that right, UNLIMITED lessons, includes a regular training collar chosen by temperament for on leash. Remote collars available for purchase. The sky is the limit, you name what you want to accomplish and we will get it done (within our expertise of course). All the basics on leash, self control, jumping, behavior problems, anxiety of all types (our specialty), off leash reliability, minor/moderate leash reactivity, puppy to adult and more. Sessions are typically 1 hour each.

Aggression or Specialty Add On* +$500

Have a dog that is majorly leash reactive, dog aggressive, stranger aggressive or similar?

Add this onto our Unlimited Private lesson package and you will have aggressive dog management for life.

**True Aggression is always considered managed not cured so this is why we refer to it as management**

This specialty add on can also be used for therapy or service dog public access level training.

(We just don’t teach task service training) Contact us for details.

What we are here for…

Dogs are incredible. They come into our lives, fill us with joy, surprise us, keep us on our toes, give us unconditional love and so much more. It’s easy to forget they are dogs sometimes and not little furry humans living with us. They don’t always know how to live harmoniously with you and us humans don’t always know how to communicate with our dogs in a way that’s fun and fair but also sets boundaries. Every dog is unique in many ways so being able to adapt to whatever they might throw at us, is an important trait to have as a dog trainer. Let us guide you and show you how to be your dogs trainer so you can have a mutually symbiotic relationship. Life is about balance and a balanced dog is a happy dog.


We are here to help guide you in the right direction